Mini DVD-R Duplication and Printing

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Mini DVD-R Duplication

The Mini DVD-R gives you function of a full size DVD-R in a smaller package.  They are a good solution for distributing multi-media presentations or other content that just won't fit on a Mini CD-R. 

The "cute little shape" makes them standout from the crowd.  They are easy to carry in a pocket or purse.  Plus they fit inside a standard #10 envelope.  

The capacity of a Mini DVD-R is 1.2 GB of data or approximately 30 minutes of DVD quality video.

Mini DVD-R Duplication
mini dvd-r with paper label inserted into a vinyl sleeve

Price Includes:

Mini DVD-R Media
Full Color Printed Paper Label,
Insertion into Plastic Sleeve
Most projects completed in 48 hours or less. 

Quantity Price
25 - 49 $4.10 per disc
50 - 99 $3.05 per disc
100 - 199  $2.60 per disc
200 - 299  $2.23 per disc
300 +  $1.95 per disc
For larger quantities we suggest Mini DVD replication.

You supply a pre-mastered DVD-R disc and electronic files for your Mini DVD-R printing artwork.

We quickly duplicate the discs, print and apply a label, and insert the discs into a vinyl.   Most projects are completed within 48 hours.

Not all DVD-R discs are readable in all DVD devices.  Before you duplicate any DVD-Rs, you should understand the current limitations of the product.  Click here to learn about the current limitations of the DVD-R format.

Business Replication respects the intellectual property rights of others.  We will not duplicate any discs without proof of your right to duplicate the material.  The following forms are required to be completed before duplication can begin (Intellectual Property Rights Form, and Indemnification Letter ).  Click here to view the Terms and Conditions that apply to all orders.

Contact us if we may be of any assistance ( ph: 916-789-9929 or use the DVD-R duplication estimate form.  Our entire staff is looking forward to serving you.

All orders are subject to our Standard Terms and Conditions.