Compatibility Issues with DVD-R Duplication

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Important Information about DVD-R Duplication (Must Read)

Before you duplicate any DVD-Rs, you should understand the current limitations of the product.  Not all DVD-R discs are readable in all DVD devices. 

DVD-R is the most commonly used recordable DVD format.  Business Replication uses the highest quality media available.  DVD-R media that we duplicate may not be readable in some DVD devices.  The inability of the DVD-R disc to be recognized is rarely due to a duplication error.  In most cases it is caused by the inability of the laser in the DVD player to calibrate itself to the DVD media.

Most newer DVD-ROM drives installed in computers can read DVD-R discs.  Most newer home DVD players can read DVD-R discs.  Older home players and older DVD-ROM drives, devices that were designed before DVD-R discs were in common use, often can not recognize DVD-R discs.

If you insert a DVD-R disc into a DVD device, and the device does not recognize the media after 30 seconds, remove the disc from the player.  In some cases the player can become permanently damaged.  This damage is caused by the laser overheating when trying to calibrate to the DVD-R media. 

Additional information on the DVD-R Format

There are several standard DVD recordable formats.  Like the VHS vs. Beta tape formats, each format has its advantages and disadvantages.  Each format is competing to becoming the dominate format for business and consumer uses.

DVD Recordable Formats

Format Capacity Compatibility General Use
DVD-R (General Purpose) 4.7 GB DVD-R drives,
DVD-RW drives,
most DVD players.
Most commonly used for short run DVD distribution.  This is the only format that we duplicate.
DVD-RW 4.7 GB DVD-RW drives,
most DVD players.
Same as DVD-R but allows disc to be reused.  Generally only used for internal business use and consumer uses.
DVD+R 4.7 GB DVD+R drives,
DVD+RW drives,
most DVD players.
Similar to DVD-R, but the media is twice the cost of DVD-R media.
DVD+RW 4.7 GB DVD+RW drives,
newer DVD players.
Similar to DVD+RW. The media is 5 times the cost of DVD-R media.

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